Leaders of the Zionist Movement – including David Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister, and Dr. Chaim Weitzmann, the first President – and the Jewish population in the Land of Israel viewed scientific research as a significant part of the Zionist enterprise and of establishing their spiritual
center in the Jewish state.

The exhibition in the Departures lounge in Ben-Gurion Int'l Airport

The exhibition in the Departures lounge in Ben-Gurion Int’l Airport
Photo: Koby Gideon/GPO

Even before the declaration of the State of Israel, Albert Einstein, Martin Buber, Sigmund Freud, Aaron Aaronsohn and other Jewish scientists regarded the establishment of scientific institutes and research centers as
an important national and economic priority .Many of the State of Israel’s achievements originate from the scientific infrastructure established then, as well as the scientific, technological and human potential which has evolved with the growth and development of the State.
Scientific research is a universal language that serves as a bridge between nations and cultures. The achievements of Israeli scientists contribute considerably to Israel’s international status, earning the State a respected position among developed countries. Israeli scientists are internationally respected and recognized. At the pinnacle of this recognition are Israeli scientists who have been awarded the Nobel Prize, the Turing Award, the Fields Medal and many other prestigious awards.
Israeli science is characterized by pioneering innovation. The scientific discoveries and developments of this thriving, advanced-knowledge-
based industry in Israel contribute to humanity, through the significant effect they have on the quality of life of billions of individuals throughout the world.
The achievements of Israeli science cover a wide range of fields and subjects, with groundbreaking discoveries in agriculture, medicine, robotics, computerization, archeology, space, mathematics, social sciences and others. Moreover, Israel is considered a high-tech superpower, attracting leading multi-national companies which establish their research and development centers here and invest in
start-up companies in various fields.
Nine universities and 63 higher education institutes operate in Israel. The country also has the world’s highest rate of academic degree holders in relation to the population size. Israel is one of the ten member countries in the prestigious “Space Club” that have developed, produced, launched and operated satellites in space.

A display of scores of Israeli pioneering discoveries and developments is presented on the wall. The narrow available space cannot contain the full list, yet it exposes you to the fascinating range of scientific innovations and accomplishments that have emerged from the State of Israel. You will have the opportunity to discover their impact on humanity and become acquainted with the researchers behind these innovations.