Minister of Science, Technology And SpaceThe groundbreaking individuals presented in this exhibition each represent a landmark in the field of science, and are a source
of national pride for the entire country.

I am happy to have the responsibility to ensure Israel’s continued advancement in the fields in which it has excelled for decades.

The Jewish nation has been generously blessed to produce some of the leading scientific and technological thinkers in the world.

Behind every discovery hides the faces and names of scientists and researchers who together make up a broad mosaic of humanity.

Behind every one of these representatives stand years and years of research and development in various fields of science and technology. These developments are the foundation stones of the field of science, those which change the face of humanity entirely, improve the quality of life around the world and lead to economic development and prosperity, and sometimes even the power to save human life.

This exhibit shines a spotlight on the discoveries of researchers in the fields of science, technology, space, medicine, agriculture and more, exposing the citizens of Israeli and millions of tourists to their achievements.

The discoveries and developments in this exhibition are those which have established Israel over the years as a groundbreaking country and a leader in innovation, and have turned it into a scientific power which is gaining impressive momentum. Israeli scientists and researchers are characterized by a striving for excellence through difficult research work in combination with innovation and endless creativity. All of these qualities have led to the establishment of some the leading academic institutions and scientific research institutes in the world, innovative technological developments and research papers which bring results. Israeli researchers have also gained widespread international recognition and won the most highly-regarded prizes in their fields, including the Nobel Prize and the Turing Prize.

I see much symbolism in the fact that here, in Ben-Gurion Airport, our gateway to the world, we have been given the opportunity to display Israel and its terrific contribution to all of humanity for the whole world to see.

Clearly, the subject of space has attracted much attention. I find great importance in the support of research and development in this field so as to continue to produce and launch satellites into space and become one of the leading countries in the world in this field.

In the course of my duties I meet many young people across the country who yearn for more exposure to and education in scientific disciplines. These inquisitive youth are the future of our country. There is great importance in nurturing our young people, and I am of the opinion that educational institutions have a large part to play in designing a young generation which will lead the country to significant achievements in the future.

I invite you all to come and enjoy the exhibition.

Ofir Akunis, Minister of Science and Technology.