Doxil (Caelyx) for Treatment of Cancer

Biomedical/Life Sciences

Prof. Yechezkel Barenholz, Prof. Alberto Gabizon

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Doxil (known as Caelyx in Canada and Europe) is the world’s first nano-medicine developed for treating cancer of various forms. The researchers developed a nano-liposome, a tiny (nano) ball of approximately 100 nanometers in diameter (one ten-thousandth of a millimeter), where a fatty membrane surrounds a watery liquid in which the anti-cancer drug (doxorubicin) has been “trapped” at high concentration in the form of a nano-crystal. The nano-liposomes direct the drug to cancerous tissues and, at the same time, make the drug less toxic to healthy tissues. The drug lengthens patients’ survival and improves their quality of life. At present, this drug is used worldwide to the benefit of tens of thousands of patients.